Flying has been an inseparable part of Banasthali’s broadbased learning programme since early 1960’s. Banasthali University started its flying activities with 3 aircrafts and training has been an uninterrupted activity. Govt. of India, Civil Aviation Department has granted the approval for Flying training activity. ( Approval of BVGFC )

1. Train the professionals and equip them with the unmatchable skills to face any challenge in the sky.
2. Stress on ACADEMICS and studies to make a very strong foundation for the pilots
3. Inculcate the essential virtues of professionalism, discipline and responsibility in the pilots.
Air Strip
Flying has been one of the activities introduced as early as 1962, even before Banasthali University got University status. A private licenced airfield of 50,191,418 sq. meters, dedicated only for the training purpose, facilitates traffic less exercise in air which is a rare availability. The runway length of 3600 ft. and elevation of 1010 ft. are adequate for exercising. Coincidentally it lies in close proximity of Jaipur airfield (25 miles).

The University owns a hangar which is 9,000 sq. ft., which can accomodate more than a dozen aircrafts. It has got all latest precision tools and equipments and the organization is approved by the DGCA. It maintains a separate battery shop and workshop.

Flying Section
BVGFC has one Cessna-172 and two Cessna-152 in the existing fleet. There is a nice and comfortable lounge. The club also has besides a briefing room, some modern classrooms with excellent facilities. There is a team of skilled and highly motivated, professionally qualified instructors, to train the professionals.

Ground Classes
For the training, the Club will make use of some of the latest audio-visual aids like LCD Projector and multimedia suite. In fact this will be Computer Based Training (CBT) programme with a Language Lab and RT Communication Facilities. The Club has a well stocked Library to assist in laying the foundation of the course. The classes follow the flying pattern as per the DGCA thoroughly.

Administration Section

Documentation and other form of work details regarding guidance and counselling at different levels of flying would be undertaken by the designate office at Vidya Mandir.

Medical Centre
We have our own hospital with own doctors who are qualified for class 2 medicals as approved by DGCA
Banking Services
We have the ATM of State Bank of India and Bank of Rajasthan Ltd., apart from the branches of UCO Bank and Cooperative Bank inside the campus.
Postal and Courier Services
We have the post office situated inside the campus with speed post facility and for first flight courier their collection center close to your place  (Couriers are routed via Tonk or Newai)
Canteen Facility
The students shall have access to best nutritive snacks and food available through in-house canteens.
BVGFC has best library stacked with the books of latest edition on every required subject.
Communication Lab
Pilots shall undergo Accent/ Voice training through the communication lab, which is fitted with latest equipments required for the purpose.
We shall provide Computer Based Training
All the boy trainees of BVGFC shall be provided accommodation at Jaipur and the girls will have the accommodation in the campus.
BVGFC shall arrange for the transportation of its trainees and there shall be arrangement of to and fro pick-up and drop facility between Jaipur & Banasthali at fixed hours.